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All prints are made to order. Allow 15 business days for production and shipment. Please note that all sales are final.  


Please contact Suzann K with inquiries regarding custom sizes, commissions and previous collections available.


© Copyright of work, including all rights of reproduction in any form, are held by the artist, Suzann Kaltbaum.

Bohemian Biker


    I spotted this guy cruising around on a bike in Akihabara. He looked like a Japanese hippie with his long hair flowing and a matching beard, giving off this laid-back, free-spirited vibe. It's unusual in Japan where the style is more clean-cut. But in Akihabara, with its quirky culture, anything goes. This guy really added a touch of bohemian flair to the bustling streets.

    All my art is created by digitally manipulating photographs and transforming them into beautiful works of art.


    Custom sizes available.

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